Who We Are


To reach each household kitchen and home, endeavors to provide high-end quality products at affordable prices with best possible shopping experience and to keep developing and improving to exceed customer expectations.


  • To create a brand name recognized and supported by its customers all over the globe.
  • To form a dynamic company with a globally competitive business structure run by its employees.
  • To be able to promote 'Made in India' products across the territories.
  • To be able to employee as many local artisans and handicrafts to bring out the world class designs and artifacts for our customers.
  • To invest in strategic growth plans based on diversification and customer utilization.



  • Our company's core values are deeply entrusted with integrity and unfollow the hierarchy structure to build a people-centric result-oriented culture.
  • To have a healthy work environment that enables to create self-motivated and creative employees with a passion to strive for excellence.
  • We believe that its customers are the soul and its employee's the pride of their company, enabling it to work harder each day to keep its customers delighted and employees satisfied.